We are developing the Hanafunda gaming control pad case for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We decided that we could make a cool gaming control pad a little better, a bit more ergonomic, a bit more compact for your pocket with all the features of a great gaming control pad without the bulk, a little more aestehtically pleasing to your eye and priced to be very affordable.

We are at protoype stage and developing fast, we will have prototypes very soon.

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G-Pad Features

iPhone Case

The Game Pad is a Extended iPhone case, if you want to protect your beloved iPhone and you want to protect it with a case, so why not a case that is also a fully functioning game control pad as well

Landscape & Portrait Gaming

The Game Pad allows you to play games in landscape or portrait without any complex swivel designs you just flip your phone around and hey presto ! you are gaming any way the game is designed to work

Compatibility with iPad & Mac 

The Game Pad works with Bluetooth, so you can use it with iPad or Mac, which you probably already have if you have an iPhone, once you put it on your iPhone, your iPhone becomes the control pad, the form factor is perfect

Digital / Analog Control

The Game Pad control pad will have a cool new digital / analog directional pad and buttons, think of it like old school meets new school, you have the dexterity of a digital 8 way joystick complete with mico switchs as well as the smooth flow of analog all in one, the buttons have micro switches as well

Portability | Long Play time | Battery Power

The Game Pad doesn’t add bulk to your iphone like the other control pad designs, because of the way we designed it, we can have a larger battery which gives you more game play as well as extend the life of your iPhone as well. The case uses a standard lightening connector so you just use your exisiting lightening cable to charge your iPhone and Game Pad at once, with the bonus of the Game Pad sharing its battery with your phone to give you more juice for your phone

AirPlay & Apple TV

Games which are optimised for AirPlay can be beamed to you HD TV or Projector if you also happen to have an Apple TV, right from your iphone and since the Game Pad turns you iPhone into a control pad as well, you iPhone now becomes a powerful games console ! Game developers should really push to optimise their games for Airplay

Developer kits

Developer Kits will be available through a kickstarter campaign once we are ready

How do you get one ?

The Game Pad will be available for pre order from our kickstarter campaign as well as through this website once we are ready for production.

Media Press Kit & Press Release Download 

Download the Press Kit 

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