Super Battle Frogs – In Development

We are currently developing our first game, Super Battle Frogs, as super fun action game you can play solo or with your friends.

The battle frogs are hungry ! Eat as many bugs as you can to fill your tummy, and fight your way to the top.  Its all out battle action for survival of the fittest and the best frog standing to claim the title of Super Battle Frog !

Who’s got the fasted tongue in the west ? Use you tongue to eat as many bugs to stay alive, but be careful as all bugs are not good for your health, whip, charge and shoot your tongue in hours of challenge and replay value, use  your environment to your advantage with skill and tactic and bounce you tongue for combos and mega points.

Not all frogs are created equally and the fun hasn’t begun until you get challenged in multiplayer mode, duke it out with your friends to eat the most bugs in versus mode and get crowned the king of Battle Frogs, its gong to be mayhem and a tonne of fun when you send the other guy flying off into the drink with a devastating charged tongue whip, block, counter, attack and dish out your own punishment, its no holds barred action ! But beware the clock is ticking, the bugs have to be eaten and stakes are high on survival of the baddest.

stay tuned for more !

If you would like to beta test Super Battle Frogs, please sign up on the Beta Testers section.